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Patrik Lundh



  • Researcher, Evaluator 


Patrik Lundh is an education researcher at SRI International's Center for Technology in Learning. He leads and conducts research in science and mathematics education in pre-K-12 classrooms as well as in afterschool programs and other informal learning settings. Lundh draws from his background in cultural anthropology, using a range of qualitative methods in his focus on the cultural, social, and policy aspects of teaching and learning. The scope of Lundh's work includes assessment, evaluation, and basic research on various aspects of the learning process. He is particularly interested in leveraging research to improve and support pre-K-12 teachers and afterschool line staff in mathematics and science instruction. His focus on how teachers and afterschool line staff work with youth and students includes examining how collaboration, professional development, and strong learning communities can lead to deeper learning and cultivation of interest in science and mathematics.

Prior to joining SRI, Lundh was a preschool teacher and adult language instructor.