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Nicholas Jackiw



  • Researcher 


Nicholas Jackiw is a senior research scientist in SRI Internationals Center for Technology in Learning, where his interests focus on how digital technologies can uniquely shape mathematical propositions and learners' intellectual and material interactions with them.

His research focuses on how mathematical ideas are embedded in, and functions of, the cultural practices and representational technologies of the contexts in which they arise; and also on how new technologies and practices imply not just new mathematical representations but fundamentally new mathematical ideas and approaches. That research informs his design and development of new learning experiences, situations, and technologies.

Jackiw is the original designer of The Geometer's Sketchpad, one of the most widely-used, regarded and emulated software tools in education. For 25 years before joining SRI, Jackiw led ongoing Sketchpad research and design at Key Curriculum Press/KCP Technologies, and coordinated Dynamic Geometry implementation projects with institutional partners around the globe. 


geometry, technology, mathematics education